Discovering the Best of LA’s Wonderful Beaches

There are other than twenty beaches from which to choose in LA County alone so it may seem difficult deciding which one to see on a lazy sunny afternoon. Residents all have their favorites; visitors are not quite so clued up so here’s just a little bit of information to tell you about the best of the best beaches LA offers – well, I certainly think so . . . you might have other ideas.

State beach – Leo Carrillo – among the big benefits of this beach is that you can generally find plenty of space to unwind, it’s certainly one of the least crowded beaches in LA but that’s not because it’s not really a great beach, it’s because it’s a bit further clear of LA than many of the later beaches with this list. If you’ve got time and the inclination to take a drive head over to this fabulous scenic beach and enjoy a swim, go surfing, tide pooling, deep-sea diving, surf fishing or windsurfing . . . in fact whatever you like to do on the beach you can do here. Check out the fabulous caves too.


Abalone Cove – is an additional great beach but type of the opposite of Leo Carrillo – it gets pretty crowded on sunny weekends and holidays but hey, that’s because the standard of the water is second to none and there are fabulous views across the ocean. It’s simply a fabulous location to swim or go tide pooling.

Zuma Beach – is the furthest north of all the LA beaches but it sure attracts the crowds on high days and holidays although the water temperature is usually a little lower than the more southerly beaches. It’s also a fabulous place to engage in a spot of beach volleyball, you might be lucky enough to spot a whale or two in the wintertime time . . . you should even maintain your eyes peeled for dolphins playing from the surf. Well worth the trip.

Venice Beach – a trip to LA isn’t a visit to LA without a trip to Venice Beach . . . where is it . . . in Venice of course. This is a vibrant, chaotic and frequently noisy beach which some people love and some people avoid. It might be quite difficult to arrive at on the busier days – you’ll certainly have plenty of chance to indulge in a place of people watching, walking or even go for a bike ride. Get ready for some rather unusual sights on this beach.


Malibu Lagoon – simply the name is enough to tell you that this fabulous beach is well worth the trip. In addition to doing the typical beach type stuff you can explore the fantastic wetlands or even desire how the other half are living in the exclusive and very expensive neighborhood. Require a swim, enjoy a little tide pooling, watch and walk the wildlife. If you’re really simply a “sand and ocean” type of family you may choose to visit several of the other fantastic beaches on this list.

Paradise Cove – sounds divine and it is actually, but the negative thing is you’ll be forced to pay for the privilege of visiting this wonderful location. It’s lively and it’s a fantastic place to benefit from the sunshine if you decide to accept the plunge you won’t be disappointed – it’s fun.


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