Good Eco Cars People Haven’t Heard of

The eco-friendly car market has really taken off over the last decade. Today, making fuel efficient hybrid and electric cars means big business and almost all of the major automotive companies have a minimum of one eco-friendly offering. With this oversaturation of the market, it can get pretty easier for lesser known models to slip through the cracks. Here is a have a look at some eco cars that are fairly unknown to the general public.

1. Fisker Karma

The very idea of a plug-in sports coupe is not unfamiliar to people anymore thanks to the Tesla which revealed that an electric car does not have to get sluggish and slow. However, those might not be aware the Tesla has some competition by means of the Fisker Karma, a great little coupe with a top speed of 125 mph and a hybrid engine that uses no gas for its first 50 miles. This is certainly something being expected from an eco car, although the price is a little much.


2. Honda N Box

Although not a hybrid and not an electric powered car, there is no denying that the fuel efficiency and small size of the N Box make it very eco-friendly. There aren’t a great deal of cars that could make the Honda Fit seem large, in comparison, but the N Box does just that.


3. Renault Twizy

The Twizy has the distinction of being the most affordable electric car currently in production. The Twizy only costs around $9,000 so it is preferable to many alternatives for instance a motorcycle or perhaps a scooter. What is best about it is that the Twizy can seat two people in tandem, although it is bound to be a tight fit.


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