Looking Like a Million Bucks But Spending What You Actually Have

It’s not necessarily important how much money you actually have, it’s how much money it looks like you have. Appearances play a major role in it all. After all, what makes a person with lots of money look like they have a lot of money? Simply showcasing the personal wealth because they can afford to buy the expensive things. So all you need to do is have the expensive things – or better yet, things that look expensive – and you’ll be up and running as a successful-looking person, and then it’s time to reap all the benefits of such a lifestyle. Here are a few ways where you can look like you have it made when you of course really don’t.


Whole Foods

Nothing screams disposable income quite as much as shopping at your local organic food store, particularly the most widely-know name brand one: Whole Foods. When you roll up into that parking lot, you are telling the world: I could spend less on food but I don’t want to, I want to spend more than I need on the very same food I could get at the Gelsons. So make sure you check in to Whole Foods on Facebook, and get those organic broccoli stalks you’ve never dreamed of. Buy garlic and onions and all the fancy spices. And avoid the bulk aisle: that’s a trick to lure in the poor folk. If you’re at Whole Foods, you are showing you don’t care about money and the last thing you need to do is get the savings from a bulk bounty of grain. Unless you’re going for two or more pounds of quinoa. Then you can go bulk because who really needs that much quinoa?


What You Drive

We can’t stress the importance of your vehicle. It’s an age old fact that people will judge you by the car you drive. If you drive a fuel efficient Prius, people will wonder why you care so much about saving money on gas: do you really have the disposable income that can benefit a potential associate? Are you your own father? No – get a car that exudes your true life style. But of course, this is all deceit and you don’t really have a ton of money, so make sure you do some good shopping at Fiat Los Angeles where you can get a great Jeep for a great deal. Jeeps are a great way to show that you have money because everyone knows they are a sweet, luxury ride that lets you enjoy the Cali sun, but they don’t have to set you back too much. Start shopping at the OC Fiat website and see what we mean.


Bluetooth in the Ear

Important and wealthy people can’t be bothered to hear the phone ring and then rustle around to locate their cellular device in their purse or pocket or dashboard. If you are really an important and money-rich person, you’ll have to put that Bluetooth in your ear to show that when the phone rings not only is it so important that you have to take it immediately, but you can’t be bothered to do the layman’s task of removing yourself from the social situation you find yourself in to take the call. You need to take the call now and here, and everyone else is just going to have to live with it and overhear everything you say. Granted, your phone won’t ring because you are not important, but the point is that others will notice that you are indeed important.


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