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There are other than twenty beaches from which to choose in LA County alone so it may seem difficult deciding which one to see on a lazy sunny afternoon. Residents all have their favorites; visitors are not quite so clued up so here’s just a little bit of information to tell you about the best of the best beaches LA offers – well, I certainly think so . . . you might have other ideas.

State beach – Leo Carrillo – among the big benefits of this beach is that you can generally find plenty of space to unwind, it’s certainly one of the least crowded beaches in LA but that’s not because it’s not really a great beach, it’s because it’s a bit further clear of LA than many of the later beaches with this list. If you’ve got time and the inclination to take a drive head over to this fabulous scenic beach and enjoy a swim, go surfing, tide pooling, deep-sea diving, surf fishing or windsurfing . . . in fact whatever you like to do on the beach you can do here. Check out the fabulous caves too.


Abalone Cove – is an additional great beach but type of the opposite of Leo Carrillo – it gets pretty crowded on sunny weekends and holidays but hey, that’s because the standard of the water is second to none and there are fabulous views across the ocean. It’s simply a fabulous location to swim or go tide pooling.

Zuma Beach – is the furthest north of all the LA beaches but it sure attracts the crowds on high days and holidays although the water temperature is usually a little lower than the more southerly beaches. It’s also a fabulous place to engage in a spot of beach volleyball, you might be lucky enough to spot a whale or two in the wintertime time . . . you should even maintain your eyes peeled for dolphins playing from the surf. Well worth the trip.

Venice Beach – a trip to LA isn’t a visit to LA without a trip to Venice Beach . . . where is it . . . in Venice of course. This is a vibrant, chaotic and frequently noisy beach which some people love and some people avoid. It might be quite difficult to arrive at on the busier days – you’ll certainly have plenty of chance to indulge in a place of people watching, walking or even go for a bike ride. Get ready for some rather unusual sights on this beach.


Malibu Lagoon – simply the name is enough to tell you that this fabulous beach is well worth the trip. In addition to doing the typical beach type stuff you can explore the fantastic wetlands or even desire how the other half are living in the exclusive and very expensive neighborhood. Require a swim, enjoy a little tide pooling, watch and walk the wildlife. If you’re really simply a “sand and ocean” type of family you may choose to visit several of the other fantastic beaches on this list.

Paradise Cove – sounds divine and it is actually, but the negative thing is you’ll be forced to pay for the privilege of visiting this wonderful location. It’s lively and it’s a fantastic place to benefit from the sunshine if you decide to accept the plunge you won’t be disappointed – it’s fun.


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Someone once said that ‘times, they are a changing.’ We see that every day whenever we look at the news. Often times the globe is changing for the better. Our technologies manage to advance with a dizzying rate. Medicine has evolved in ways that, fifty years ago, people wouldn’t believe. We have now robots on Mars, and unmanned spacecraft exploring the entire solar system. Heck, I will video talk with my cousin and his daughter in Australia, and it’s immediate and free. Sometimes to world changes for that worse, but no one can repeat the world isn’t turning. With so much change, so much evolution in our technology and points of view, it’s nice to know that some things stay the same. America leads the planet in countless aspects of everyday life that we, as Americans, may be proud of. There is nothing more American than sports, freedom, technology and cars, though we pave just how for world peace, we are models inside the battle against global warming and preserving natural world.

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Chrysler has become synonymous with American imagination and innovation for decades and therefore hasn’t changed. From the classic New Yorker model of the nineteen eighties to the stunning new Chrysler Crossfire, these cars have illustrated everything American. The newest lineup of Chrysler vehicles will unquestionably blow your mind. From the innovative and quick Crossfire for the practical Pacifica to the professional looking Sebring, the 2014 selection has something for everybody. Head down to ontario chrysler or search online at OC Auto and find out for yourself! You won’t be blown away at how impressed you’ll be.

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America has always led the way in automobile innovation and production, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Did you know that most of the world’s most taken for granted technologies are American? The internet was invented by the usa military in the middle of the twentieth century. If we didn’t have that, think about the world today. America can also be leading the way in clean energy research, investing billions of dollars in wind and solar development inside the mission to preserve the many beautiful natural resources our planet has to offer for generations to come. Even Chrysler is chipping in with this effort, developing state of the art hybrid vehicles which get astounding MPG to help lower gasoline consumption.

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One important thing that makes us special like a race is our curiosity. It’s our never-ending thirst for need and knowledge to arrive at for the stars. Yes, American cars can be a perfect illustration of such an attitude, but it’s not the cars nevertheless the people that define us as being a nation.

Ford isn’t having much luck having its hybrid vehicles.

After complaints that Ford’s hybrids couldn’t hit their stated EPA mileage figures, Ford is already facing a lawsuit that accuses it of infringing on technology patents in the hybrid vehicles, although don’t get us wrong, they’re selling well.

Bloomberg reports that Ford is being sued by Paice LLC, a Baltimore-based engineering company devoted to hybrid technology.

Ford and Paice met more than 100 times between 1999 and 2004 to develop a hybrid system that would increase gas mileage without losing performance.


That Ford’s hybrid system now relies heavily on hybrid technology learned from Paice, even though the two companies apparently struck a licensing deal back in 2010.

The complaint does note that Paice had provided to license its technology to Ford for $150 back in 1999, although there’s no set amount that Paice is seeking from Ford in the lawsuit.

If such an amount was commanded now, it could stand to lose quite a lot. Last year, Ford’s hybrid and electrified vehicle sales topped 85,919, greater than double its figures from the previous year, of 33,476 sales.

Ford had tried to preempt the latest lawsuit, filing a complaint in December to get a ruling that Paice couldn’t file a complaint, under the terms of the companies’ 2010 agreement.

Paice has previously won a lawsuit against Japanese automaker Toyota for patent infringement on hybrid technology.

It won a trial back in 2005, the companies finally settling in 2010 just before another trial started that could have observed Toyota banned from importing affected vehicles.

As part of the current Ford lawsuit, Paice says that Ford was sharing its technology with Toyota when Ford was working on hybrid technology together with the Japanese company in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Hyundai and Kia are also pending infringement complaints from Paice.

Automotive testing is a vital part of the development for any vehicle before it actually is ready to drive on the streets. This is done in order to determine how safe the car is, if it has any potential flaws and, most importantly, to assign it a safety rating which many people take into consideration when it is time to buy their new car. That is about all that most people know about automotive testing, but here are a few more interesting facts.

1. Tests are done to make electric cars louder.

One of the biggest selling points of an electric vehicle is that it is silent since it does not have an internal combustion engine. However, many see this as a problem since it could lead to more accidents because drivers simply cannot hear cars coming towards them. That is why researchers at one university in England are testing for new methods to add sounds to electric cars right now. Their goal is to determine a sound which is easy to distinguish, it is not annoying and could help warn others of the presence of the vehicle.

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2. They use regular people for tests

Besides the thorough tests done under lab conditions by professionals, many companies also enlist the services of regular people who use these test cars in their daily routines to make sure that they can withstand the normal activities of people.

DTLA Nissan-5-2

3. Watch crash tests online

Even though crash tests are only a small part of automotive testing, it is the most famous and most entertaining. That is why the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has made the crash tests for all vehicles sold in the U.S. available to watch online.

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When you want to drive something safe and reliably, head on over to Nissan Los Angeles. Here at Downtown Nissan you will get a great deal on a great car which you are guaranteed to love driving.

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